Extra options you can add to the DeepBlue at Your School Packages include:

Extra YoungBlue workshops

Most of the packages include a YoungBlue workshop into the deal. Some schools will find their instrumental programs are to large to cope with just the one workshop, in this case you can add on additional YoungBlue workshops.


Emu workshops

This workshop can take on many identities. Our most popular workshop takes place on stage with some of our electronic musicians. The workshop involves a demonstration & explanation of how the different electronic instruments in the show work and how we electronically manipulate some of these instruments. Some of the electronic instruments covered are: Theramin, Midi instruments, and effecting & looping strings and/or guitar. The demonstration ends with a hands on experience of the instruments involved in the workshop. This workshop is designed to allow flexibility within the content to allow it to suit your goals.


Music in the 21st Century Lecture

Idea for high school aged musicians, Music in the 21st Century provides an opportunity for budding creative students to discover what the music industry is really about. Introduce your students to professionals who are living, working and creating in it right now. Utilising the experience and knowledge of DeepBlue founders, members & guests this 1 hour talk and discussion this session will allow students to discover pathways into a career in music within the context of the modern music industry.

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