Who Are DeepBlue?

“This orchestra has the potential to effect a phenomenal change in the way that young people in particular view orchestral music”– email from a Gold Coast audience member

DeepBlue is the orchestra unleashed! The performance is charged with emotion and engagement – it’s fun, dynamic, entertaining and rule breaking. There is no conductor, no music stands and no stuffy traditions. You don’t have to know when to clap and when to be quiet… you can just enjoy it.

DeepBlue combines the traditional string section of the orchestra with a 5th section – digital and electronics. There are cameras, big screens and dynamic lighting. It is a rich mix of classical, pop, originals and film music delivered with magnificent sound, lighting, images and narratives.

DeepBlue is part band, part orchestra and part theatre. Whether you like traditional orchestral music or not, you must see DeepBlue for yourself. The performance is unforgettable and it will change your perception forever.

You might have seen DeepBlue last year on Australias Got Talent. But if you have not heard of DeepBlue before, don’t let the word orchestra trick you…. check us out on the ABC art show to see for yourself what DeepBlue is all about. You can also visit our website, www.deepblue.net.au.

DeepBlue on Australias Got Talent!

DeepBlue ABC Art Show

DeepBlue Orchestra